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Health Management

Health declaration

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER believes that it is important for all employees to be healthy both physically and mentally and perform at full potential reach their maximum capability.
We also believe that it leads to accomplish our corporate philosophy of "Committed to the global good”. For that purpose, we will try not only creating safe and comfortable workplace but also supporting activities to maintain and promote the health of our employees. All employees and their family, company; health insurance unions will promote health management and aim to be a "great workplace".

Promotion system

Health management system

The promotion system of Health management in our company is treating to Human Resources and General Affairs Dept. as the post in charge for which operating health management and health enhancement. The combined effects of three factors (industrial physician, health insurance unions, safety and health committee) will expand various measures.
Trade union also as well as company participate in labor-management councils, safety and health committees and propose opinions will lead to solve health issues.

Health issues and Main Measures (Targets and Content of Effort)

Approach to
work style reform

Early on Wednesday, the office will be closed at 18:00 unless there is some special need not to.
We will check the deviation between the time stamped on the attendance system and the time of entering and leaving the building to ensure that service overtime does not occur.
We changed from a night-style working system specifically to a trading company and started the morning-style working system. As a general rule, it is prohibited to work after 20:00, and if you go to work by 7:50, you will be paid the same premium wage as late-night work for early departure overtime until 9:00.

As a result, the average overtime hours in fiscal year 2021 has been reduced by 19% from fiscal year 2014.

Holding of safety
and health committee

Held once a month to provide health information from industrial physicians, check the working status of long-time workers, etc.。

Improvement of
medical checkup

The medical checkup for all employees is an important issue in reducing medical expenses from a long-term perspective. The regular health checkup rate for fiscal 2023 was 100% (excluding overseas assignments and long-term absentees). We will regularly send out information to ensure thorough consultations and we will continue to aim for a 100% consultation rate.
For the purpose of early detection and early treatment of diseases, we provide the optional fee for medical checkups. In addition, we support colonoscopy examination expenses once in three years.

Conduct of stress

It is essential to have a stress check on your entire mental health initiative. By establishing the basic policy of the stress check system and encouraging employees to have a medical examination, it was 100.0% in fiscal year 2023 (100.0% in fiscal year 2022). We will take new measures in the future based on the tabulation results.

Overworked measures

We check the status of compliance with the agreement on a monthly basis, and conduct interviews with industrial physicians for employees who have worked overtime above the standard time. In addition, the overtime work of employees is reported to the board of directors meeting every month, and the department manager is studying and implementing measures to reduce overtime work.
For employees whose overtime work exceeded 45 hours, we confirm the reasons and circumstances with the department manager, and work on efficient work style and review of work allocation.

Infection prevention

We carry out in-house vaccinations using influenza vaccination cost assistance covered by the health insurance union. In addition, we are obliged to alert employees by requiring them to report influenza cases.

Analysis of the impact on management of efforts

Sales in fiscal year 2017 were 112% compared to fiscal year 2016, and it is thought that health management initiatives have shown some success.

Kurumin certification

In addition to health management initiatives, employees can fully demonstrate their abilities at work and take long-term careers while raising their children based on the "Next-Generation Development Support Measures Promotion Act (Next-Generation Act)" In addition to the creation of an environment where it is easy to become familiar with and continue to work at the workplace, it is easy to obtain childcare leave, etc., various measures of working styles including the promotion of annual paid leave are recognized. We received “Kurumin Certification” in 2018.