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Pharmaceutical Division

This division uses its own global network and ITOCHU's network around the world to play an active role in various pharmaceutical fields such as providing high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates and pharmaceutical preparations to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company also has a regulatory system that supports its own (development) business, such as domestic managers, foreign manufacturer certifications, and support for GMP compliance studies.

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■Pharmaceutical Business Dept. No.1,No.2

The Pharmaceutical Business Dept.No.1 focuses on the primary care field, which is considered to be a very important area in today's highly aging society. Social interest in lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are only increasing. In the first part of the business, we supply pharmaceutical raw materials that meet such demands. Specifically, we are promoting intermediate synthesis outsourcing and importing and selling APIs from around the world. We are also actively promoting the outsourcing of distinctive formulations to the United States, Europe, and other countries.
The Pharmaceutical Business Dept.No.2 is an organization that focuses on highly active pharmaceuticals. Specifically, antibiotics, anticancer drugs, hormone preparations, biological preparations, peptide preparations, and genetically modified preparations. We supply intermediates, APIs, and pharmaceutical preparations necessary for the manufacture of these pharmaceuticals not only to domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers but also to overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers. In addition to promoting commercialization through investments in new drug development companies and biosimilar development companies, we also develop regenerative medicine-related products and procure comparators (clinical control drugs) in Japan and overseas.

■Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Dept.

The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Dept. is important in building a business with overseas drug substance and drug product manufacturers. We have established a system that enables quality management operations and is further expanding it.
In addition, with regard to quality control work, which is the most important in confirming the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals, we conduct rigorous testing of overseas drug substances in our own laboratories to ensure safe and stable Japanese pharmaceuticals. We have established a system that can supply manufacturers and gained trust.。

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