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Intermediate Chemicals

Other than general-purpose polyolefin resins, this division handles industrial resin raw materials, various organic solvents, and raw paint materials. One of our most distinctive attributes is that we have a wide range of products, from raw materials to products with a strong awareness of supply chain management (SCM), not only in Japan but also worldwide using the ITOCHU network.

Main products

Product Information

Acrylic & Intermediates Dept.

The Acrylic & Intermediates Dept. consists of the Acrylic Sec. and the Intermediate Chemicals Sec.
The Acrylic Sec. handles monomers such as acrylic acid, acrylic esters and methacrylic esters as core products. The field we are focusing on is the raw material field for paints and adhesives. The Intermediate Chemicals Sec. handles various organic solvents and derivatives thereof as core products.

Acrylic Sec.
  • ・Acrylic-related products(Acrylic acid & Acrylic esters, Methacrylic esters, etc.)
  • ・PMI
  • ・Magnesium oxide
  • ・Magnesium hydroxide, and so on.
Intermediate Chemicals Sec.
  • ・Solvents(Toluene, Xylene, IPA, MEK, MIBK, Ethyl acetate, Heptane, Hexane)
  • ・Cyclohexanone

■High PerformanceChemicals Dept.

High Performance Chemicals Dept. consists of a Super Absorbent Polymer Sec.
the Polyurethane Raw Materials Sec. and Epoxy Hardener & Plasticizer Raw Materials Sec.
The Super Absorbent Polymer Sec. handles water absorbent resins for hygiene materials and industrial applications. Especially in hygiene material applications, it is widely sold in more than 50 countries around the world.
The Urethane Raw Materials Sec. mainly handles industrial resin raw materials such as urethane, unsaturated polyester and engineering plastics such as PBT. Covering all trade transactions, including domestic and trilateral, the region covers the whole world, especially in Asia. Familiar products include raw materials for mattresses, shoe soles, artificial leather, urethane fibers and paints.
Epoxy Hardener & Plasticizer Raw Materials Sec. handles epoxy curing agent raw materials, plasticizer raw materials and derivatives thereof, and organic acids as core products.
We are focusing on overseas expansion mainly in Europe and Asia.

Super Absorbent Polymer Sec.
  • ・Super absorbent polymer(SAP)
  • ・Disposable diaper materials
  • ・Cosmetic raw materials
Polyurethane Raw Materials Sec.
  • ・Raw materials related to Urethane(PG, PPG, PCL, TDI, MDI, etc.)
Epoxy Hardener & Plasticizer
Raw Materials Sec.
  • ・Epoxy hardener raw materials(MXDA, 1,3BAC, Ethylene amine, Diluent, Fatty acid)
  • ・Epoxy resin
  • ・Various raw materials of Plasticizer
  • ・Hydrogenation Bisphenol-A
  • ・Xylene resin
  • ・Allyl alcohol & Ammonia
  • ・Others