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Intermediate Chemicals Division Organic Chemicals Intermediate

This division handles industrial plastic resin materials other than general-purpose polyolefin resin, a variety of organic solvents and raw materials for paint. It features a commodity line-up ranging from raw materials to finished products to not only domestic but overseas market by using network of ITOCHU Corporation with a strong awareness of SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Acrylic & Intermediates Dept.

The Acrylic & Intermediates Dept. comprises the Acrylics & Intermediates Sec., Super Absorbent Polymer Sec. and the Polyurethane ・ Epoxy Hardener Raw Materials Sec.
The core products that the Acrylics & Intermediates Sec. handles are monomers such as acrylic acid, acrylic acid esters, MMA, and meth acrylic acid esters, and a range of organic solvents. Particular emphasis is placed on the fields of raw materials for paints and adhesives, raw materials for light guide plates and cast sheets, and solvents/extraction solvents.
The Super Absorbent Polymer Sec. handles SAP for both hygiene materials and industrial materials. Especially our sales of SAP for hygiene materials are under development in over 50 countries.
The Polyurethane ・ Epoxy Hardener Raw Materials Sec. handles mainly the raw materials for industrial resins such as urethane, unsaturated polyester, PBT, and other engineering plastics. The division covers trade in general, within Japan as well as trilaterally, and also worldwide, with a focus on Asia. Some common places our products are found are in mattresses, shoe soles, synthetic leather, urethane fibers and paints, and so on.

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