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Two business models that maintain and
enhance people's health and cultural life

Our mission is to maintain and enhance people's health and cultural life through the handling of
a wide range of chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and resin raw materials.
Since it is sometimes related to people's lives, each employee acts with a high level of ethical consideration and safety.
Through these activities, we will fulfill our “responsibility for affluence”.

Organic Chemicals Intermediates & Fine, Specialty Chemicals

This field consists of four businesses: Intermediate Chemicals Division, Performance Products Division, Eco-Chemical & Life Science Division and Kansai Division.
In this field, "Fine Chemical" handles a wide range of products such as raw materials for materials used in various industrial fields such as the automobile industry,
construction / civil engineering industry and IT industry, food materials closely related to daily life and raw materials for daily necessities.


This is the pharmaceutical field consisting of the Pharmaceutical Division.
In this field, patient-friendly additions such as providing development support services for new drugs that have been difficult to treat, providing pharmaceutical intermediates, popularizing high-quality and safe generic drugs, and simplifying usage we always provide new value through our unique network, such as providing pharmaceutical products that demand value.

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