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ITOCHU Techno-Chemical Inc.
  • Sep. 1971
    Incorporated as Ando Kaseihin KK(Capital: ¥30 million)
  • May 1983
    Doubled capital to ¥60 million
  • Mar. 1989
    Incleased capital to ¥75 million
  • Aug. 1990
    Changed name to ITOCHU Techno-Chemical Inc.
  • Sep. 1990
    Increased capital to ¥100 million
  • Oct. 1990
    With reorganization of ITOCHU Corporation operations in the field of functional chemicals, received transfer of commercial rights and staff from ITOCHU Corporation and ITOCHU Fine Chemical Corporation
  • Apr. 2003
    Transferred electronics materials division to ITOCHU PLASTICS INC.
  • Oct. 1979
    Fine Chemical Department at ITOCHU Corp. spun out and ITOCHU FINE CHEMICAL Corporation established
  • Jul. 1988
    Head Office moved from Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku to Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku
  • Jul. 1990
    ITOCHU INTERCHEM Inc. merged
  • Apr. 2002
    Acquired stocks of NISHI TOKYO CHEMIX corporation (acquisition price: 61 million yen, equity ratio:100%)
  • May 2002
    Head Office moved from Hirakawa-cho to Kita-Aoyama, Minato-kxu in Itochu Bldg.
  • Oct. 2002
    Company name changed to ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation.
  • Apr. 2005

    ITOCHU Techno Chemical Inc. and ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation have merged into ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation.

  • Apr. 2007

    Established Mizonokuchi Laboratory

  • May. 2018

    Established Kawasaki Food Laboratory