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Performance Products Division

This division deals with silicones and their raw materials, adhesives and functional resins and their raw materials, paint raw materials, resin additives, paper chemicals, etc. We cover a wide range of fields, from basic lifestyle fields such as clothing, food and housing to advanced industrial fields such as automobiles, electronics, optical and engineering plastics. We deal with over 1,000 customers worldwide. In Japan, we have branches in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, and overseas, we use our overseas branches to respond to customer requests.

Main products

Product Information

■Fine Chemicals Dept.

The Fine Chemicals Dept. consists of three sections: Additives & Iodine Sec. /Fines & Minerals Sec./Adhesives & Specialty Resins Sec.
The Additives & Iodine Sec. provides a wide range of raw materials for resins, rubbers, and lubricants, with antioxidants and H-BHT as the base. We also provide iodine and iodine compounds for chemicals, electronic materials and pharmaceuticals.

The Fines & Minerals Sec. handles core products such as organic inorganic pigments, mainly white oxide, titanium oxide, additives such as kaolin clay and hydrogen peroxide and paper strength enhancers.

Adhesives & Specialty Resins Sec. handles hygiene materials, electronic components, papermaking, adhesives for the automotive industry, coating agents and raw materials and functional resins. Products such as hot melt raw materials, acrylic adhesives, epoxy-related, functional resins, and their raw materials are sold in Japan and to other Asian countries, North, Central and South America, and Europe. We propose solutions to customer requests and problems and keep in mind that we also accept orders for products.

Additives & Iodine Sec.
  • ・Iodine & Iodine derivatives
  • ・Antioxidants
  • ・Ultraviolet absorbers
  • ・Light stabilizers
  • ・Crosslinking agents
  • ・Curing Agents
  • ・Flame retardants
  • ・Polymerization catalysts
  • ・Surface active agent materials, etc.
Fines & Minerals Sec.
  • ・Titanium oxide(TiO2)
  • ・Kaolin clay, Paper making chemicals(Hydrogen peroxide etc.)
Adhesives & Specialty Resins Sec.
  • ・Adhesives, EVA
  • ・Adhesive raw materials(Petroleum resin etc.)
  • ・Paper making chemicals
  • ・Functional films
  • ・Polyimide/Epoxy resin and its raw materials
  • ・Component of LCD/IT related products
  • ・Ferrite raw materials
  • ・Bismaleimide(BMI)
  • ・And other functional chemicals.

■Silicone Dept.

Silicone has various features depending on its molecular structure, and is used in various applications such as automobiles, electrical machinery / electronics, personal care / cosmetics, consumer products, aircraft, building materials, infrastructure, communications, etc.
This department is an organization specializing in silicone that is not found in other general trading companies, and proposes silicone solutions to customers' problems. We are also focusing on developing services for Japanese customers who have expanded into Asia in cooperation with ITOCHU Corporation's overseas branches.

  • ・Silicone oils(including Halal certified oils) and its secondary products
  • ・Rubbers
  • ・Adhesives
  • ・Silane coupling agents and its raw materials
  • ・other chemical produts.