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Kansai Division

The mission is to provide high-quality products and high-quality services to customers and manufacturers in the Kansai region.

Main products

Product Information

■Osaka Business Dept.

Brilliant pigments for automobiles, colored pigments, environmentally friendly rust preventive pigments, foaming agents, anti-adhesive agents, pharmaceutical packaging materials, super absorbent polymers, optical lens resins, various sulfonated products such as meta-xylene sulfonic acid and inorganic We handle raw materials, fertilizers and caustic potash. Utilizing the expertise of these specialty chemical products, we are expanding all over the world mainly in China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North, Central and South America, and Europe.We handle all products handled by our company, excluding various resins such as silicone and urethane, paint raw materials such as solvent and titanium oxide, additives, etc. We offer a wide range of products to customers in all fields from the Kansai region to the west using our global network.

Osaka Functional Chemicals Sec.
  • ・Super absorbent polymer(SAP)
  • ・Meta-xylene sulfonic acid and its Soda salts(*General distributor)
  • ・Various other Sulfonated products
  • ・Luminescent pigments(Aluminum paste, Pearl pigments)
  • ・Coating resins
  • ・Organic pigments
  • ・Paint additives
  • ・Synthetic Mica
  • ・Anti-corrosion pigments
  • ・Optical monomers/polymers
  • ・Monomeric organic photosensitive material intermediates, and so on.

  • *more information available at Meta-xylene sulfonic acid and soda salts
Osaka Intermediate Chemicals Sec.
  • ・Inorganic raw materials
  • ・Fertilizer
  • ・Titanium oxide(TiO2)
  • ・Organic acids
  • ・Urethane materials
  • ・Blowing agent
  • ・Cosmetic raw materials(Wax, Vasellin etc.)
  • ・Latex
  • ・Anti-sticking agent for Tire
  • ・Polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)
  • ・Addtives for paint
  • ・Rubber chemicals
  • ・Dyes & Dyeing auxiliaries
  • ・Solar cell members
  • ・Lubricant materials, and so on.