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Eco-Chemical & Life Science Division

This Division tackles the frontiers of value creation above and beyond the scope of a traditional trading company, aiming to expand in step with clients as a strategic partner and having key words such as "Water", "Foods", "Health and Beauty", "Environment". At a time when trading companies are now differentiating themselves, we emphasize the cultivating of trade rather than brokerage that simply sees goods change hands. We are thus moving from the older quantitative expansion (or, "growth") model to one of quality expansion ( "development"). Business Domain of this Division is mainly in Food additives, Agrichemicals like pesticides and cultivation system, Feed additives, "Supplement", "Friction materials" and "Water Treatment".

Eco-Chemical & Life Science Dept.

The Eco-Chemical & Life Science Dept. comprises the Food Science Sec., the Water Treatment & Friction materials Sec. and Kawasaki Food Laboratory.
Food Science Sec. provides customers in Japan and overseas with a range of additives for convenience store boxed meals, as well as milk products, livestock feed additives, animal pharmaceuticals, alcoholic formulations, pesticides, and many others, all based on our theme of "Food Safety." We also provide advice based on our wealth of technical knowledge for hygiene management in food production plants, and contribute to food lifestyles that provide safety and peace of mind for all.
Under the banner of "Water and the Environment," Eco-Chemical Sec. handles a range of chemicals for use in boilers, coolant water, generators, salt-to-fresh water, waste incineration fly ash treatment, contaminated soil processing improvement, crude oil extraction, and so on, with an emphasis on water treatment chemicals. On the theme of "Car Safety and the Environment," we also handle a wide range of friction materials for brakes, mainly for vehicle use. This Sec. works under the motto of "Committed to the Global Good".

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