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Eco-Chemical &
Life Science Division

This will challenge the frontier of value creation that goes beyond the limits of conventional trading companies, and will chemically improve the quality of people's lives with the keywords "food", "health / beauty", "water" and "environment". It aims to be realized by a method. Trading companies are also shifting from traditional quantitative expansion to qualitative expansion, focusing on “deep cultivation” of transactions rather than just right-to-left monetary sales in the era of differentiation. Our business areas are broad and mainly include chemicals for automobiles such as food additives, agricultural chemicals / cultivation, feed additives, supplements, friction materials, water treatment chemicals, and environmental business.

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■Eco-Chemical & Life Science Div.

The Eco-Chemical & Life Science Div. consists of two sections, the Food Science Sec., the Water Treatment & Friction Materials Sec., and the Kawasaki Food Laboratory, which has food testing and inspection functions.
Under the theme of “Food Safety”, the Food Science Sec. offers various food additives for convenience store lunches as well as functional food ingredients,dairy products, feed additives, peracetic acid formulations, agricultural chemicals, etc. At the same time, we provide advice on hygiene management in food manufacturing factories with abundant technical knowledge and contribute to a safe and secure diet.
The Water Treatment & Friction Materials Sec. focuses on various water treatment chemicals with the theme of "Water and the Environment". We also handle a wide variety of friction materials for brakes, mainly automobiles, with the theme of "car safety and the environment". Water Treatment & Friction Materials Sec. is working with the motto “responsibility for affluence”.
In the Kawasaki Food Laboratory, as a sales support organization, we conduct bacteria inspections and taste inspections as a sales support organization from the viewpoints of “hygiene management” and “new product development”.

Food Science Sec.
  • ・Health food ingredients
  • ・Functional food ingredients
  • ・Food additives
  • ・Food modifiers
  • ・Sanitation chemicals
  • ・Dairy products and those ingredients
  • ・Feed additives
  • ・Agrochemicals and its auxiliaries, etc.
Water Treatment & Friction Materials Sec.
  • ・Water treatment chemicals(Ion exchange resin, Activated carbon, Polymer flocculants, Dispersants, Scale inhibitors, Fungicides, etc.)
  • ・Oil field agents
  • ・Friction materials for Brakes