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CSR Policy

Our Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility

In the premise of "the company is also a member of the society", we strongly recognize that it is necessary for ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation to live along together with the society and we believe that we must be responsible of ourselves as a good corporate citizen.

For such purpose, by grasping various stakeholder's the expectation and concern through communication, and by reflecting them into daily business, effort to produce a useful vision and concrete measures are important. We wish to achieve a corporate social responsibility through such process, and to continue being a company supported and trusted by the stakeholder.

We shall promote CSR through the procurement of the products which we can feel safe and relieved by security, as well as by paying attention to the global environment and carrying out energy conservation activity by promoting environment friendly products.

Our Social Action Program

  • 1Through the ITOCHU Memorial Foundation, we donate every year to help support child libraries, the management of children's houses, outdoor education, etc. for the purpose of sound development of young people.
  • 2As a member of the ITOCHU Group, we provided collaborative support for the Itochu Corporation's 150th Anniversary Social Contribution Program “Borneo Island Tropical Forest Regeneration and Ecosystem Conservation Program” and our employees also engaged in local afforestation work.
  • 3As a member of the ITOCHU Group, our employees also participated in volunteer activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake and carried out various local activities such as debris disposal and mud removal.
  • 4Since 2010, we have donated potassium iodate to Mongolia to help prevent measures against iodine deficiency. (A 4-company cooperation)
  • 5In response to the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016, employees volunteered locally. In addition, the company made a matching contribution in which the company also donates the same amount as the donation amount collected for soliciting donations from employees.
  • 6During the heavy rainfall disaster event in Western Japan that occurred in July 2018, the company contributed funds.
  • 7We donated the masks which we imported urgently from China to Kawasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture. The reasons why we donated are that we have two laboratories and many employees live in this city.
    We visited Kawasaki city office on February 18th, 2021 and we obtained thank-you letter.
    The PICs of city office said that we’ll use it for welfare facilities (handicapped and elderly) and storage product at the time of the disaster occurrence. They also mentioned that it’s very thankful for us.
  • 8Covid-19 is raging all over the world, we decided to give the contribution to Japanese Red Cross Society for supporting to medical institutions doing their best sincerely.
    We installed donation boxes in our offices and worked on the fund-raising and donated total 300,000 JPY add up payouts from the company.
August 27th, 2018
Tsutomu Miyazaki
President & Chief executive Officer