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Some of contents in our homepage were updated.

New Appointment of Directors

We are pleased to announce that new appointment of Directors was decided.

The Organizational Change

Please be advised that ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation have had organizational change on April 1, 2006.


The Merger Between ITOCHU Techno Chemical Inc. and ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corp.

Please be advised that 'ITOCHU Techno Chemical Inc.' and 'ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation' have merged into the new "ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation" on April 1, 2005.
The new "ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation" will take over all of the related businesses and personnel of both companies.
This merger is intended to strengthen our organization and our expertise, and will enable us to better provide the various services required by our clients.


Organization Change and Business Transfer

As of September 1,2004, ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation close our C1 Chemical Business Unit, and made re-organization and business transfer in our Functional Polymers Division as follows:

Products New Department in Charge
Methanol, a part of Acetic acid -> ITOCHU Corporation
M-Xylene derivatives
(MXDA etc.)
-> Organic Chemical Business Unit
Methanol derivatives
(Amines, DMF, DMAC etc)
-> Polyurethane & Plastics Raw Materials Business Unit
Acetyl products
(a part of Acetic acid, VAM, Ethyl Acetate etc.)
-> Acrylic Business Unit
New Appointment of Directors and Introduction of the Executive Officer System

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation announces that new appointment of Directors and the introduction of the executive officer system decided and assumed by the ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting held on 2004-06-23.

Formation of Solvent Business Unit

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation has newly established Solvent Business Unit in the Performance Products Division. The Solvent Team and the Osaka Solvent Team in the former Additives & Coating Business Unit has been made independent as a new business unit. We will make efforts for further expansion of the solvent business.
On the other hand, we have closed Kyushu Office and Kanazawa Office as from April 1. 2004. We express our cordial thanks for your patronage and cooperation to the above-mentioned offices for long years. We will continue to offer services to the customers by handing over the businesses of these offices to the Headquarters, Osaka Branch Office and Nagoya Branch Office. Your continuous cooperation and attention to us would be highly appreciated.


Promotion of sales of "High-rate solar reflection paint/ATTSU-9"

Considering that the field of paint and coating is one of the growth strategy fields, ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation is promoting the sales of "High-rate solar reflection paint/ATTSU-9." (Manufacturer: Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.; technical cooperation: Miki Coating Design Office)
This paint reflects the infrared range included in the sunlight at a high rate. When compared with conventional grayish colors in general, this paint can lower the surface temperature of a coated object by approx. 10 to 15ºC.
As part of our efforts in the environment business, we have been devoting ourselves to the promotion of the products through the press release to have the product acknowledged as a product that copes with the "heat island" phenomenon and saves energy, as well as through the Web site (http://www.attsu-9.com), thereby introducing the paint and other products in which the paint is used.
A demonstration experiment of the high-rate solar reflection paint was conducted this summer at the rooftop of Daini Urawaso, a company residence of ITOCHU Corporation, with the cooperation of Dr. Matsuo, emeritus professor at The Tokyo University, to confirm its effect in prevention of the heat island phenomenon, and the effect was verified. The test was televised by NHK, drawing attention of general companies, as well as government and municipal offices.

"VA Prize" awarded by Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd., which is in close trade relations with ITOCHU Group, is expanding its manufacturing locations all over the world. The company is the biggest buyer of our Friction Material Unit. We have been supplying major friction materials to the company for a long time. As an example of our strong partnership, we received the "VA Prize" from the company as a token of our aggressive VA (Value Analysis) activities in 2002 intended for an increase in profit.

Formation of China Strategy Team

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation has newly formed a China Strategy Team in the Corporate Planning Division. Stationing the expert staff who are well versed in the business in China, we will promote our business in the Chinese market that is growing rapidly, collaborate with the in-house business organizations, and bring up talented people.
Furthermore, the Corporate Planning Division has newly established an "Information Team" to improve and mobilize the information infrastructure at the same time. The Section will create a system that can flexibly keep up with the times so as to improve our trading functions.

Starting "Growth Strategy" in the middle-term management plan

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation will select "20 Themes of Growth Strategy" concerning various fields and products, which will be adopted vertically throughout the organization as the main points of the middle-term management plan, setting specific numerical targets for the coming three years and making a plan for selective implementation of the scheme. Based on the specific, detailed middle-term targets, we will continue our daily efforts to bring the plan into practice and review the result periodically, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the plan and increasing the achievement rate of the target of each theme. Having all the members of our company understand that the "20 Themes of Growth Strategy" are the common themes throughout the company, we will selectively invest the management resources in important fields. These themes include business tie-up with important customers, reinforcement of partnership, expansion of business, overseas business activities, and preparatory step to open up new markets that are expected to grow.
We intend to be the number-one and only-one trading firm for our customers by promoting our growth strategy and enhancing our visibility in the industry.


Change of company name to ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation

ITOCHU FINE CHEMICAL Corporation has changed its name to ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation. We have drastically reshuffled the organization at the same time so as to clarify the role and function of the respective in-house organizations.

Transfer of products from ITOCHU Corporation

ITOCHU FINE CHEMICAL Corporation received the basic chemical product business, including methanol, acetic acid, raw materials of urethane, and various raw materials of chemical products, from the living material and chemical product companies of ITOCHU Corporation. Reorganization of business is being actively promoted in the chemical product divisions of leading trading firms at present. Our company intends to reinforce our structure as a key trading firm that specializes in organic chemicals and fine specialty products among the members of the ITOCHU Group. Specifically, we will plan a selective growth strategy, improve our earning capacity, and introduce effective management. While maintaining harmony with the change in the social environment, we intend to be a lively, enthusiastic company by making efforts to create values, exhibiting the mobile power, and continuing to catch up with the speed of the social change.


Certificate of approval: ISO 14001

ITOCHU FINE CHEMICAL Corporation received ISO 14001 from the Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality.

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