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Deal with health management

Health declaration

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER believes that it is important for all employees to be healthy both physically and mentally and perform at full potential reach their maximum capability.
We also believe that it leads to accomplish our corporate philosophy of "Committed to the global good”. For that purpose, we will try not only creating safe and comfortable workplace but also supporting activities to maintain and promote the health of our employees. All employees and their family, company; health insurance unions will promote health management and aim to be a "great workplace".

Promotion system

Health management system

The promotion system of Health management in our company is treating to Human Resources and General Affairs Department as the post in charge for which operating health management and health enhancement. The combined effects of three factors (industrial physician, health insurance unions, safety and health) will expand various measures.
Trade union also as well as company participate in labor-management councils, safety and health committees and propose opinions will lead to solve health issues.

Major measures

Try to work style revolution
  • We set Wednesday as a no overtime day. All employees must go home by 6:00 PM without special application.
  • We check the difference the attendance record and entering and leaving office time to prevent complimentary overtime work.
  • We promote early working and put a bun on working after 8:00 PM without permission by Chief Operating Officer Corporate Planning Group.
Held a safety and health committee
We hold safety and health committee once a month to provide health information from industrial physicians we also check the work situation of employees to prevent health hazards and industrial accidents at the committee.
Enrichment of health examination
The executing rate of regular health examination in FY 2017 was 100% (except for expatriate oversea and long-term absence employee). We will regularly announce guidance to be through having a medical examination and aim at 100% executing rate from now on.
For the purpose of early detection and early treatment of diseases, we subsidize additional expenses for health examination and colonoscopy expense once every three years.
Implementation of stress check
By establishing the basic policy of the stress check system and urging employees to receive medical examinations, the medical examination rate was 94.7% in FY 2017 (87.0% in FY 2016). Based on the aggregate results, we are taking new measures.
Measures to overwork
We confirm the notification of agreement on overtime and holiday work every month and we have an industrial physician interview on employees who worked overtime over the reference value. In addition, we report monthly employees' overtime work to the executive conference every month, and we consider and implement measures to reduce overtime work.
Prevention of infectious diseases
We are able to get prophylactic vaccination against influenza by using the health insurance union’s subsidy.

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