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ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation is a specialist organization and the core operations company for fine and specialty organic chemicals in the ITOCHU Group. As such, its mission is to contribute to the health of individuals and development of society by expanding business in functional chemicals, intermediate chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, and life sciences.

Global expansion of trade, manufacturing commissions, and mediation services business make for areas of operation characterized by boundless expansion. Examples include alliance with foreign supply sources and venture corporations, technology licensing provision, production outsourcing, and investments in corporations both in and outside of Japan. In each of these fields, we put to work our long history of experience as well as international business channels and knowledge by way of the ITOCHU Group. Constantly seeking new added value, we are tackling these challenges with an eye towards the entire world.

As we enter the 21st century, many industries are reorganizing globally, and the chemical industry is no exception. Aggressive mergers and acquisitions are the norm, transforming the playing field dramatically. Our calling and the lofty goal that we aspire to is to contribute to the growth of society. Furthermore, we also work to help actualize growth plans for the industry, viewing reorganizations as business chances and marshaling our strong strategic abilities and leadership.

Under our slogan, "Constantly striving to be an ever more reliable business partner," and in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, enjoyment, and innovation, we aim to be one of the best chemical and pharmaceuticals trading companies anywhere in the world. Our only desire is to be in step with our customers as we walk this road to success together.

Tsutomu Miyazaki  President & Chief Executive Officer  ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation

Tsutomu Miyazaki

President & Chief Executive Officer

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