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Corporate Philosophy

Our Principles

We are charged with a mission, as a member of the ITOCHU Group, to maintain and improve the health of people and modern life through our dealings in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, resin raw materials, and the various and other chemicals we handle.
Our employees are well aware that the businesses in which we engage can influence people's lives. In light of this, every person within our organization works ethically and conscientiously to maintain safety and legal compliance. Through business activities based on the above principles, we strive always to fulfill our responsibilities as providers and guardians of abundance and quality of life.
At the same time, we must remain ever aware of the possible environmental impacts of our business activities. We facilitate the environmental management system in conformity with the internal standard ISO 14001, in order to promote business activities geared toward global environmental protection.
All of our employees, at every level within our organization, adhere to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as good corporate citizens, striving to reinforce our reliability as a company and to persistently survive through well-balanced business activities matched with the needs of society.

Corporate Philosophy of ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER

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