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Silicone & Adhesives Division Fine & Specialty Chemicals

The division sells silicone products and its raw materials, adhesive, functional polymers and its raw materials, and raw materials for paints and coatings, plastic additives etc.
We are covering wide range of applications including the Necessities of Life, i.e. clothing, foods, and shelters, to high technology industries such as automobile, electronics, optical and engineered plastics industries with over 1,000 customer basis globally. We have the offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya in Japan to serve the customers as well as we utilize ITOCHU Global network to meet customers ’ requirements.

Adhesives & Additives Dept.

The Adhesives & Additives Dept. comprises the Additives & Coatings Sec. and the Adhesives & Specialty Resins Sec.
The Additives Coatings Sec. is a Sec. that provides titanium dioxide (TiO2) as our major pigment product and BHT as our major additive product, serving the coating, resins, rubber, and lubricant industries. In addition, we also handle iodine, a precious natural resource of Japan, serving from the chemical industry to the medical and electronic materials markets.
The Adhesives & Specialty Resins Sec. is selling adhesive, PSA, Coatings, its raw materials, and Functional Polymers for Hygiene, Electronics, Paper Mills, and Automobile Industries. The products to offer are such as raw materials for Hot Melt Adhesives, Acrylics PSA, Epoxy related, Functional Polymers and its raw materials. We are selling those products domestically, to Asian region, Americas, and Europe. We always keep in mind that we will be proposing solutions to customer ’s requirements and problems. Tolling can be arranged based on customer ’s requirement.

Silicone Dept.

Possibilities of Silicone and its applications have been expanding significantly as Functional Material as Silicone has the superior properties such as Heat Resistance and Durability. We are dedicated to offer Silicone solutions to customers, and we have established the sound supply chain to support customer ’s global activities.

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