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The Pharmaceutical Division utilizes its own unique global network as well as Itochu networks around the world to provide high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), intermediates, and finish dosage formulations to drug manufacturers. We are also active in other pharmaceutical related fields. We also have regulatory functions including MF in-country caretaker, foreign manufacturer accreditation care taker, GMP compliance inspection, and so on in order to support our own business development.

Pharmaceutical Business Dept.No.1 and No.2

Pharmaceutical Business Dept. No. 1 focuses on the primary care field, which is considered an important sector in our rapidly aging society. Public concerns about lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension have been increasing. Business Dept. No. 1 supplies raw materials for such pharmaceutical demand. We focus on outsourcing the synthesis of intermediates and the import and sales of API to Japan from all over the world. Also, we are driving license-out project of specialty finish dosage to USA, Europe and other growing overseas market.
Pharmaceutical Business Dept. No. 2 focuses on mainly high-potency pharmaceuticals.
Specifically, we deal with antibiotics, oncology, hormones, biological products, peptides and recombinant DNA preparations. Our Sec. provides intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and finish dosage formulations of these products for pharmaceutical companies both in Japan and overseas. We also move forward business development in the field of new drug development and bio similar products through investment and also start providing raw materials for regenerative medical field and comparators for clinical study from reliable suppliers all over the world.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Dept.

The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Dept. plays an important role for building business with overseas drug ingredient suppliers and pharmaceutical companies. We handle regulatory affairs, patent research work for our developing products, litigation support, confirming GMP compatibility with overseas suppliers, and quality management. This part of job has been increasing recently.
In addition, quality management is considered the most important work for checking drug product quality and safety, so we have constructed a system whereby we can test overseas API very carefully in our own laboratory in order to provide Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers with a stable supply of safe drugs, and finally earn trust from our clients.

<We have our own laboratories inside Kanagawa Science Park.>

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